TCV Conservation Handbooks will be online soon!

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TCV’s Handbooks are the definitive ‘how to’ guides to managing the countryside and green spaces.

Over 1,000 pages of fantastic background, advice and instruction, written by experts, illustrated and clearly laid out in a step-by-step format.

The original titles are:

Sand Dunes, Hedging, Fencing, Toolcare, Footpaths, Tree planting and Aftercare, Woodlands, Waterways and Wetlands, Dry Stone Walling, The Urban Handbook

They will be available online in May 2017

Cost of subscription will be £12.50/year plus VAT, less than the cost of a single book. This will give you access to all the titles (over 800 web pages and 2,000 illustrations).

Discounts will apply for members of groups in TCV’s Community Network

Some of these are still available as books from here

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